Short Term Rehabilitation, Alzheimers, Skilled Nursing, Out Patient Therapy, in Asheville NC

Out Patient Therapy
Caring for our Senior Community

Rehabilitation, Alzheimers, Skilled Nursing, Out Patient Therapy

" We were privileged to have had Mom in your facility for that time. God has blessed each of your wonderful staff with an indescribable gift of caring for those who need to most compassion. Thank you for being there! " R.H.S.

Welcome to Aston Park Health Care Center

As a Non-Profit, Nursing Facility, Aston Park Health Care Center specializes in physical rehabilitation, Alzheimer's, Dementia and skilled nursing care. Our administration and skilled staff are dedicated to the promotion of health and the advancement of growth for residents admitted to this facility, the personnel on our staff, and for all the people in our community directly and indirectly.

We believe in the dignity of the human person, recognizing that each person has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs and rights that must be respected. This respect is reflected in the tireless efforts of this institution to serve and preserve life, and to prepare for its termination when death is inevitable through spiritual support, understanding, and empathy.

We believe individuals and institutions move forward only as they assume and accomplish new responsibilities in an orderly manner; and each member of the staff in this institution is dedicated to the promotion of health in all areas of human concern.

Admission to Aston Park will be based on the need for the type of care provided, the environment most appropriate for the resident, and the availability of accommodations.


We insist that each resident receive the best possible care for the least possible cost to the resident in the most ethical manner, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, or sex.

We believe that employment of personnel within Aston Park be based on qualifications and ability to function effectively, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex. We believe that personnel be of good moral character and willing to uphold the ethical code of Aston Park.

We believe that educational programs are important to the maintenance and development of adequate staff through in-service meetings and training programs and that an effective system of quality control in each department is vital to the operation of Aston Park.

We therefore dedicate Aston Park and ourselves to these philosophies.

History of Aston Park HCC


Aston Park Health Care Center grew out of Aston Park Hospital. Aston Park Hospital was located on the northwest corner of Aston Street and South French Broad Street in Asheville, North Carolina. The Building is now occupied by Asheville Children's Medical Center. The Hospital was opened in 1927 as the "French Broad Hospital" and renamed in the 1940's to Aston Park Hospital. It had a grand sum of 45 beds in its heyday. Aston Street (formerly Willow Street) was renamed in the '40's for "Judge" (honorary) Edward J. Aston, an early Asheville insurance man who was a one-man chamber of commerce for Asheville (i.e. he was responsible for encouraging George W. Pack to move to Asheville). "Judge" Aston was twice Mayor of Asheville.

In 1967 there was a Tri-hospital Drive to raise money for Mission Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Aston Park Hospital. This drive was the culmination of a Buncombe County Planning Council, which recommended (among other things) that Aston Park build a 100-bed nursing home. In the '80's it became clear that the amount of money needed to insure accreditation of the Aston Park Hospital building was excessive and the acute care beds were given to Memorial Mission Hospital. Aston Park's share of the Tri-hospital Drive was used to build a 120 bed nursing facility, Aston Park Health Care Center.

Aston Park Health care Center has since added 19 Adult Care Home beds, which made possible, the addition of the 32-bed Alzheimer's/Dementia Special Care Unit in 2003. The rest of the facility is made up of an 18-bed short-term rehabilitation unit with the remaining beds certified for skilled nursing care. The organization has maintained its non-profit status and endeavor to service the needs of our senior community.

Aston Park Health Care Center dedicated to Short Term Rehabilitation, Alzheimers, Skilled Nursing, and Out Patient Therapy, in Asheville NC.
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